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Premier Leak Detection & Repair Services

Welcome to AM Royalty Plumbing and Drain, where our commitment is to identify and repair leaks with precision and care. Leaks can often go unnoticed, causing significant damage and leading to unexpected expenses. Our team of professionals is equipped with the latest technology to detect leaks efficiently, ensuring the longevity and safety of your plumbing infrastructure.

Our approach eliminates the guesswork in leak detection. Utilizing advanced diagnostic tools, such as thermal imaging cameras, acoustic sensors, and moisture meters, we can accurately locate hidden leaks without disrupting your property. This method allows us to address leaks effectively, preserving the integrity of your space.

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How to Tell if Your If You Have A Leak?

Early detection is crucial in preventing extensive damage and keeping repair costs manageable. Our experienced technicians are adept at identifying early signs of leaks, enabling timely interventions to avoid water damage, mold growth, and structural concerns. Keep an eye out for these indicators:

  • Persistent damp or musty smells

  • The sound of running water when taps are closed

  • Cracking or peeling paint

  • An unexpected increase in water bills

If you notice any of these signs, please contact us at 951-503-0009 We're prepared to conduct thorough leak detection and repair services, ensuring your plumbing is in optimal condition.

The Risks of Ignoring Leaks

Neglecting a leak can escalate into a major issue, resulting in:

  • Significant water damage

  • Mold and related health concerns

  • Structural damage to your property

  • Pest infestations

  • Increased repair costs


Don't let a leak compromise your property. Our comprehensive leak detection services are designed to not only fix current leaks but also to assess your plumbing system for any potential vulnerabilities, providing a proactive solution to prevent future issues.

Your Trusted Partner in Leak Detection

At AM Royalty Plumbing and Drain, we are dedicated to offering professional leak detection services that provide peace of mind and protect your property in Menifee or Murrieta from the adverse effects of leaks. Our team of experts is here to deliver precise detection, swift resolution, and reliable advice to ensure your environment is secure and leak-free. Rely on us for all your leak detection and repair needs.

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